Our Visit to Cape Ann Animal Aid

Like a game of Dominos, or the expanding waves of a ripple, a good cause can have a much bigger impact than anticipated. For example, a smile translates positive energy from person to person, so couldn’t a good cause have the same potential of reaching far beyond those it directly benefits. Think cause and effect … A good cause gives us hope for a change, a good effect gives us confidence to make the change.

Cape Ann Animal Aid is one of millions of non-profits whose mission is for a good cause, and whose positive effects influence change and social responsibility with a sense of indifference. Since 1964 volunteers have devoted themselves to giving stray cats and dogs of Cape Ann a voice.  Doing their part to promote respect through education, the facilitation of adoption procedures, to the overall enhancement of the lives of our four legged companions.  During our visit I could not help but notice the smiles that took over the kids faces.  I know that the feeling was reciprocated, within an hour’s visit every dog and cat within the facility had been pet, canoodled, poked, fed, and considered for adoption. Students also had the opportunity to learn about animal intake, care, and adoption procedures from Kay Bosworth a volunteer for the shelter.

It was a good feeling knowing that merely our presence had made the days of some of the animals waiting to be adopted. Making a positive impact for a positive cause, a theme students here at EPDS are all too familiar with…Social responsibility to make a change, hoping one day to be the change.

For more information and simple ways you can help Cape Ann Animal Aid visit:


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