Early Elementary Spanish

The Early Elementary Spanish class students have been learning through stories and dramas, participatory play, conversation, games, songs and dances.  We have practiced counting, colors, some basic greeting and meeting phrases, rooms and furniture, common household objects, members of the family,  animals, likes and dislikes, and clothing.

During January – March we will be working on:

Vocabulary:  clothing, more family members, adjectives that describe people, counting higher, foods, basic action words, weather, days of the week, parts of the body, nature, prepositions and leisure activities

Grammar concepts (learned in context through examples):  masculine and feminine nouns,  adjectives go after the noun, forms of basic verbs.

For a list of vocabulary we have been using please see this link:


Here are a few websites I found that include some of the vocabulary we have been using, and have audio clips for pronunciation:




This is a big website.   The second column, “Vocabulary” is the section that is most useful for 1-2 students.  When you click on the different vocabulary topics, the links labeled “introduction” have great pictures and graphics with audio pronunciations of the words as you mouse over the pictures.


This site has a lot of ads to ignore, but it is  an extensive picture dictionary with audio pronunciation of each word.


Colors, shapes, numbers, some simple spelling exercises and drag and drop activities, all with audio. A good site for early elementary students.

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