Upper School Spanish

The Upper School Spanish students have been learning through conversation, active listening, role-play, games and written assignments. These hard-working students have a good grasp of some of the more difficult skills needed to learn Spanish.  Keep up the good work, ustedes!

Vocabulary:  review of adjectives to describe people,  clothing,  more action words,  food, expressions for ordering in a restaurant, telling time,  months of the year,  days of the week, seasons,  weather,  more family members, other people, professions, animals, question words

Grammar concepts:  Review all forms of the verb “to be,” review of “hay,” review of definite and indefinite articles, agreement and placement of adjectives, all forms of basic verbs (including you-plural, we, they), forming negative statements and questions, the irregular verb “tener” (to have), comparison of “usted” and “tú”

Here are a few websites I found that include some of the vocabulary we have been using, and have audio clips for pronunciation:





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